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Dog training classes in Canterbury, Ashford and Hythe

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improve your dog's training and obedience

Olantigh Dog Training hold classes from puppy socialisation to competitive obedience, including the esteemed Kennel Club Good Citizen awards at various locations across Kent.

If you have a problem with your dog or just want a private one to one lesson we can come to your home and give your dog the attention it requires. Just contact us for more details.

Current Classes

Wednesday evening 6-10pm
Hothfield village hall, Ashford 

Thursday evening 6-8.30pm
Saltwood village hall (near Hythe)

Monks Horton (near Hythe) in an outside secure location
General obedience and agility 9.30am-10.30
Working trials and advanced training 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm
Competitive obedience 10am-12 noon

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Specialist classes

We also offer specialist event days for your dogs to keep their attention sharp and their training up to scratch. Examples of some of our training days held on most Saturday mornings (with afternoon classes when oversubscribed) for 2 hours are:
  • Fun agility classes arranged during Spring and Summer
  • Tracking classes arranged Sunday mornings throughout the year
  • Working trials and advanced training days (those wishing to train for their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award can do so on this course)
  • Criminal/man work
  • Search person/search and rescue training (on request)
These classes are booking only, so feel free to leave us an email with any questions about availability, the activities or prices.

Contact Us

"Our Bulldog Olive attended Olantigh training classes from puppy through to gold and now attends the fun agility. Having attended other training schools with our Boxers, we were constantly being told that Boxers / Bulldogs are untrainable. Steve and Sally never judge a breed by its stereotype, and treat each dog as an individual. We have always been really pleased with the service and Steve and Sally are always very helpful. Would recommend happily and we will return to Olantigh puppy class should we get another dog."
-Nick, Kate and Olive Ball.

"Great classes for you and your dog. Steve and Sally are very friendly, patient and passionate about dog training. I got my dog through Bronze, Silver and Gold kennel club training. Highly recommended"
-Lou Ransley, Ashford

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